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Xaris Preschooler Box 2.0 (Xmas Edition)
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Activities for up to 30 days

Full learning schedule that covers up to 11 different learning aspects to ensure holistic development.

Self-paced Learning

Short & concise explainer videos within 5 minutes. So easy, even children can do it on their own.

Accessible from any device

Byte size videos are uploaded into our private Youtube channel for easy access from any device.

Turn Excessive Screen Time Into Valuable Learning Output

Looking for an alternative activity to occupy your children from unproductive screen time / mobile games while studying from home?

Want to ensure your children keep up with the learning pace & does not drop behind.

We’ve got your back!

Crafted by Experienced Educator

Tadika Xaris is a renowned kindergarten that has nurtured more than 1,700 children since its establishment in 1995.  Started by our principal, Datin Ang Chin Fan, we currently operate 5 branches across Johor with more than 40 teachers. 

Our curriculum, with its blended approach by incorporating the Montessori method into the Malaysian Preschool curriculum, was first written by Datin Ang personally

Both Children & Parents Enjoy The Activities

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Up to 12 Different Curriculum

Cover all different learning aspects including ⤵️

✅  Science
✅  Art
✅  Craft
✅  Critical Thinking
✅  Physical Games
✅  Sensorial
✅  Exercises of Practical Life
✅  Social-Emotional Learning Game
✅  Cookery
✅  Gardening
✅  Music & Movement

— All materials included in one box —

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ Who qualifies for this course?

It is suitable for children between 3 to 6 years old. Our package is customized according to a child’s age as indicated during purchase.

❓ What are the activities covered?

There are altogether 30 videos included in the course, covering 11 different learning aspects, tailored for the different age groups of children.

Science Lessons
1. Salt & Pepper Surprise
2. Bouncy Egg
3. Tornado in a Bottle

STEAM Lessons
1. DIY Plastic Parachute
2. Balloon Jet
3. Penny Spinner
4. Balancing Bird

Gardening Lesson
1. Growing Amaranth

Craft Lessons
1. Creepy Crawly Caterpillar
2. Dancing Clown
3. DIY Stationery Stand

Art Lessons
1. Butterfly in the Garden
2. Lion in the Grassland
3. Pufferfish in the Sea

Critical Thinking Skills Lessons
1. Shape Sudoku
2. Path Finding Puzzle
3. Tetris Puzzle

Physical Game Lessons
1. Follow Me
2. DIY Toy
3. Balloon Transfer Game

Cookery Lessons
1. Popcorn
2. Milk Balls
3. Marshmallow Pop

Sensorial Classes
1. Squishy Bag
2. Sound Cups

Exercises of Practical Life
1. Rolling and Tying Towell
2. Rolling and Cutting Playdough
3. Clothes Pegs

Social-Emotional Learning Games
1. Feelings memory game
2. My feelings wheel

Musical & Movement Sessions
1. Home
2. A Sailor Went to the Sea
3. What a Miracle!
4. 向前走
5. 下雨歌
6. 一条小鱼
7. Five Red Apples
8. One Little Finger
9. Burung Kakak Tua
10. Enjit-enjit Semut

❓ How long is the course?

There is a full schedule for 30 days; however parents may decide the pace they wish for their children.

❓ How will the package be delivered?

Upon purchase, the package with clear instructions will be delivered to the designated address.

All lessons are accessible via our private channel on Youtube.

Support is made available should any help or clarification be needed along the way.

❓ How soon will I receive the package?

Local courier services will be used to ship out the packages across Malaysia & the expected time of arrival is within 3 – 5 (max) working days post-purchase.