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  • I'd like to express our greatest gratitude to all the teachers for being so good with Avril during her time at school. And we are delighted by my girl's experience at Xaris. She feels cared about and attended to, she is excited about learning. And sometimes, we hear Avril singing the songs she has learned in class which she also enjoys teaching us to sing.

    Between, we also wanted to let you know how happy we have been with Xaris since Avril started last year,2015. She has loved it from day one. She always share us the happiness, talks about all her friends especially during the singing and outdoor activities session.

    As a prerent, I'm so happy to see my kid to enjoy her life so much everyday. And I'd like to thank all teachers for assisting the toilet training. Avril is so independent now and can even to go toilet by herself at home.

    The next I'm quite satisfied with Xaris is my child has made excellent academic progress and has gained much needed confidence while attending Xaris during the 2nd years of the school. Previously Avril hated to read for any purpose but now she reads to herself just for pleasure; something I doubted she would ever do but is doing it for fun now.

    Thank you for all that you guys do for Avril and in creation of an encouraging, enlightening, peaceful, caring environment of learning and socialization for all children who attend. We're delighted to be able to offer our girl this wonderful early childhood enrichment experience.

    Joanne Choo

    - Child's name: Avril Tan Yew Xi
    -Xaris 1, Permas Jaya
    10th September 2016

  • Dear Teachers,

    Xaris is blessed with passionate and committed teachers. The teachers show great compassion towards the need of each and every student. The school curriculum is interesting and alive. Our son Foo Yun Tsuen loves it very much and has learned a lot these few years. He is now more pro active, polite and sociable. These are the skills we look forward or hope that he will pick up in his growing up phase.

    We still remember vividly the school concert that was held last year and we thought that he would have freaked out. Lo and behold to our pleasant surprise he managed to carry himself so well and enjoyed himself so much. We are so proud of him.

    A big thank you to all you guys and keep up the good work.

    Wen Dee and Tiang Jin

    -Child's name: Foo Yun Tsuen
    -Xaris 1, Permas Jaya
    6th September 2016

  • One of the best decisions we ever made as parents was sending Jaeden Yeo Kun Xian to Tadika Xaris 1. It was the patient and well explanation of Ms. Jenny which made us choose here as our son’s first stepping stone in education.

    We really appreciate the fact that when we drop-off our child in the morning, we are always been greeting with smile and “Happy Morning” from the teacher and Auntie. Remembering the first day of school, Jaeden started his class well adapting and enjoyed himself to the teachers and environment. He has learned a lot since joining Tadika Xaris in mid of 2012.

    Since then Jaeden has grown and matured into an amazing, intelligent young man. He has also gain confident in presenting himself, knowledge and improved in his development. Every time Jaeden will show and tell us what he has learned in school. His favorite subject is Mad Science with Silly Jenny. He has lots of fun showing us what he has learned during that subject.

    Time does files. It is sad to say goodbye to such a wonderful school, teachers and friends. Jaeden feels that way too every time we explain to him that he have to leave Tadika Xaris 1 and go to Primary 1 in another school to continue his educations. He always refuses to accept the change of school. I always tell him to remember all the happy moments he have in Tadika Xaris and carry on… I hope my son will continue the good guidance and teaching him learned by all the wonderful teachers throughout the years in Xaris.

    Thank you so much for your responsiveness attention to detail, dedication and support from all the teachers over the years. We cannot imagine how we could have coped without knowing that our son Jaeden was in a safe and fun place every day. What they have learned at Tadika Xaris, as well as the warmth and respect that they are shown, has enabled my boy to be outgoing, independent and respectful to others. We are so proud of them and thankful to Tadika Xaris’ teachers especially Ms. Jenny, Ms. Daney, Ms. Boo, Cikgu Su and Ms. Leong for their continual help and guidance over the years. That is why we have full confident to send our daughter Elena Yeo Yu Hann to Tadika Xaris 1 to help us to bloom our child too.

    Aaron Yeo Teck Meng/Liow Phui Geok

    - Child’s name: Jaeden Yeo Kun Xian
    Xaris 1, Permas Jaya
    7th September 2016