• Ever since our daughter (Tan Josee) was enrolled and participated in Tadika Xaris' programmes, she is able to speak more clearly and form simple words especially in English, able to expressed her when she need to answer the nature calls, able to identify objects and mathematically intelligent in identifying numbers and quantity of object that matches. She is more discipline as well and able to carry out simple tasks like remove socks and shoes upon reaching home. Although at times her well-behaved behavior is much consistent in school compare to her “princess” behavior at home, but we believe the teachers in Tadika Xaris did a very good job at this area as Josee had improved compared to the beginning of the year when she started her schooling session in Tadika Xaris. We are glad to place Josee under the good care of dedicated teachers in Tadika Xaris.


    Tan Boon Yeong & Tok Fen Nee

    -Child’s name: Tan Josee
    Xaris 6, Taman Molek
    8th September 2016

  • From a Cub to Lion

    Yen Hao is the only son in my family, naturally being protected (sometimes overly). Hence, enrolling him to Xaris is probably one of the tough decisions (surely not the last) that I have to make. I was skeptical and worried, just like any mother who sees her only child leaving the comfort zone and venturing into uncharted water. Along the journey, I knew that I made a right decision by sending him to this loving environment.

    I want to express my thanks for making Yen Hao, feel a part of this big family. If you recall, Yen Hao was panic and anxious in his first year, during which the struggles and challenges were repeated daily. You agreed to make an exception and let me accompanying him for the first day, which meant a lot to me. That exception, in itself, could have created jealousies among other students.

    The courses, activities and lessons conducted by Xaris are well organized and led by experienced, caring teachers who demonstrate their love and extraordinary patient, which are remarkable. My son wouldn’t be able to be what he is today without them. I am glad that I made not only a right but impactful decision to mark Xaris as one of the important chapters in Yen Hao’s life.


    Eng Huat & Fiona

    -Child’s name: Yen Hao
    Xaris 6, Taman Molek
    10th September 2016

  • <允晨在Xaris的这两年>



    华文阅读 也是让我们惊喜的其中一个科目。因为每一本书,允晨都能把故事完整的读给我们听。

    英文和马来文 -允晨的发音明显的标准。从中我们不难发现Xaris在这方面的高要求。

    除了学习,在 Xaris的玩乐也让允晨对上学充满期待。

    整体来说我最满意Xaris 做到了学习和玩乐并重。这样小孩们才能在无压力的情况下学习,效果也事半功倍!庆幸当初做了对的决定,选择了 Xaris!


    Wee Lay Choo

    -Child’s name: 允晨
    Xaris 6, Taman Molek
    10th September 2016

  • We, Ng Han Shong and Lim Chian Ying, a proud parent are very delighted to convey our appreciation and gratitude toTadika Xaris. My son, Ng Jin Cheng arrived to this centre when he was 3 years old andhas been positive all along, from the minute he was introduced to the centre. Without any doubts we would say this is a wonderful daycare and he receives the best education, love and carehe can possibly get in this age.

    Our experience with Tadika Xaris has been very positive and satisfying; it’s amazing to see how my sonis always occupied till the last minute with so much care, reading, playing or singing. He constantly engaged in creative activities, handcrafts and the school are decorated with their beautiful creative art work. Our kid shares a very relaxed, calm environment with structure, discipline and manners.

    We are very pleased with Tadika Xaris and would choose no other school environment for his preschool experience. Lastly, we would highly recommend Tadika Xaris which offers so much more than a traditional daycare and a richer experience to any parents who only want to give the best to their children.

    We feel fortunate that our son is part of Tadika Xaris.

    Ng Han Shong and Lim Chian Ying

    -Child’s name: Ng Jin Cheng
    Xaris 7, Taman Perling
    8th September 2016