• Kyson and Kyrene and had started attending Xaris since Nursery 1 till now, where now they are in K2 and K1 respectively.

    During their formative years in Nursery 1 &2, the teachers in Xaris 7 provided them a warmth and welcoming environment for them to learn. The phonics foundation was particularly impressive as the little ones know them well by the time they reach age 3+. The children also enjoy the exposure to a unique blend of Montessori program that teaches them practical living skills and other non-academic programs like water play, arts & craft and cooking time (where they get to eat what they cook!)

    As they moved on to K1 and K2 in Xaris 5, I was particularly impressed how these kids achieve mastery in 4 digits addition/subtraction and simple multiplication & division! Both my children loves their science program and can't wait show off their science toys to us when they reached home and throwing out new jargons they learned in class like "superimpose", "center of gravity" and "kinetic energy"!

    They enjoyed the school's field trips and they often filled us in with their exciting stories! I could see our children genuinely enjoy their learning progress in school and exhibit a quiet confidence level beyond their age, especially during the annual sports and concerts affair! These are one of many reasons whenever any of our friends ask me to recommend a kindergarten for their little ones, I would recommend Xaris! It is one of the best choice the little ones to be prepared for their days ahead for their primary school life in a fun and enjoyable way!

    June Foo

    -Child’s name: Kyson Yap & Kyrene Yap
    Xaris 5, Taman Perling
    7th September 2016

  • As my son Jun Hoo had a bit of speech delay issue at the age of 3, finding the right school for him was a task that I took on seriously. I was previously advised by a specialist that Xaris may not be suitable for him in view of his speech delay problem and that Xaris was more academic oriented. However, it was the principal Mrs Koh, who had convinced me to give Xaris a try. We were initially apprehensive about his adaptability in the new environment but surprisingly not once did I hear him whining about not wanting to go to school. In fact, he looks forward to go to school daily! I believe that is how a healthy school environment should be – where going to school does not become a “chore” but a learning playground for the kids. I am glad that I chose Xaris as its teachers are remarkably hands-on and the curriculum is interesting and promotes interactive learning. The success of Xaris is further boosted by its dedicated team of teachers and Madam Ang who has put in a lot of hard work and effort to bring out the best in every child, including mine.

    After attending the new parent conference in January 2016, I am even more assured that Xaris is full of fun, cleanliness and love. My husband and I love how the kids are encouraged to become independent thinkers and doers, be it academically or on the practical side of life. Jun Hoo always surprises us with things he learnt from school, be it reading, writing, dancing, singing and even simple actions like jumping (he has difficulty to jump even on a trampoline as a child). I am also amazed by the creative handicrafts that he brought home. The teachers are truly committed to their profession and they provide a supportive and caring environment for the children. I see their passion and dedication towards the children which brought about the positive changes and improvement in my boy. Thank you, Xaris, for doing such an outstanding job with our children!

    Kym Koh

    - Child’s name: Chong Jun Hoo
    Xaris 6, Taman Molek
    8th September 2016

  • I would say it is one of the best decisions that we ever made as a parent, which was sending my son, Gabriel to Tadika Xaris Taman Molek. Early of the year to continue his K1, we are not staying nearby but about 20-25 minutes drive from home every school day. Our motivation is from what we have seen from our kid.

    From the eight months in Xaris, we witnessed the huge change of Gabriel towards his school works. He always takes his responsibility to complete his school works, takes initiative and sometime not so proactively but willingly to take out his books to do revision at home. We are impressed by his learning progress, in term of writing, reading and most importantly the right and positive attitude.

    We can see that he loves his school so much, although he still always complaint that he is not happy because someone do not want to friend with him anymore, that is the interesting part and we know that he is learning how to stay with his peers and ways to communicate with people. He always shows and shares with us what he had done in school. He is an outgoing boy who loves outdoor activities very much, and hand craft always not his choice, but now he loves to. He enjoys his life in school, the creative art section, cookery, singing and dancing. Overall, his confident level is up.

    I remembered I heard this sentence during the parents’ conference, “Only happy teacher may deliver a happy kid”. I am glad that your teachers have done that, they also nurture the child into positive learner. The teachers are outstanding. They are willing to listen to our concern and lending us a helping hand to assist our son to overcome his anxiety of his outing activity. We appreciate that.

    In conclusion, I would highly recommend Tadika Xaris Taman Molek to anyone who is looking for quality pre- school for their kid. And I must thank my friend, Janice, whose sons are from Xaris too, recommending it to me.

    - Child’s name: Gabriel
    Xaris 6, Taman Molek
    8th September 2016