• I was asked to write a testimonial for Tadika Xaris by summarizing the wonderful journey that a kid happily embarked 3 years ago.

    My eldest daughter, Siau Jean Shyan, 6, has never been more excited about the Science subject that sparkles more ideas in the learning process, in the form of toys, how cool is that ? Mirror-reflections that showcased in a periscope toy (brilliant ! How I wish I had such experience in my younger years), early introduction to electricity that lights up a simple bulb circuitry, visible light spectrum observed with rainbow glasses that colors her entire world when wearing, just to name a few memorable ones. Credits given to Ms.Vasanthi.

    Next is the school outing, who doesn't love excursion trips ? We all do. City dwellers especially toddlers get their chance to see the green healthy vegetables for real after they learnt them from books, in Zheng Xin Organic farm. Cultural village visit offers traditional coffee bean roasting in action which even amazed the writer, discovering Malay Batik art craft exposes the artistic side of the child. Last but not least, the rare sight of how a fisherman's net throwing demonstration on a pond, answers the question on how does the fish ended up on the dining table.

    Another event would be the Sports Day where kids from other branches join together and compete in teams within their age group, instilling the importance of teamwork & perseverance working towards a common goal. Kudos to all the teachers for their time and sweat.

    Now that my daughter has to move on into her Primary years soon, we will surely miss the time spent with Xaris Seri Alam, thank you Principal Ms.Loh for helping to discipline my talkative & playful daughter the consequences of insubordination by an hours worth of detention time. Significant improvement observed following that, appreciate it.

    Xaris ... Truly like what the school logo symbolizes, a crossroads that nourishes & enriches the young ones toward better future with smiles : )

    P/S - I love the mesmerizing 10+ minutes of fireworks display in last year's 20th Anniversary Concert, a perfect way to showcase the finale with a big bang !

    Siau Voon Keat

    -Child’s name: Siau Jean Shyan
    Xaris 3, Seri Alam
    29th August 2016

  • 我有四名孩子,老大和老二都是毕业于Tadika Xaris。家恒是我第三个加入Tadika Xaris的孩子。当年,我还是一名在职妈妈,要寻找一间适合的幼儿园对我来说是非常陌生的。孩子第一次踏出家门,接触社会,开始群体生活,最后我选择了Tadika Xaris作为孩子的第一间启蒙学校。


    学校和老师们都很重视阅读。从小就开始培养孩子们拥有阅读的好习惯。每个星期五在Tadika Xaris借回来的故事书,深深的吸引了我的孩子。虽然老大和老二已经离开了Tadika Xaris,看见弟弟借回来的故事书,也就一伙的坐在一起聊着书上的故事,要不就说这本我有看过,那本的故事也很有趣,笑声不断。看得出孩子们十分怀念在Tadika Xaris的日子,还因此促进他们之间的感情,让我看了感到非常欣慰。



    虽然家恒还没有机会与老师们出游。老大和老二时常还会告诉弟弟他们之前出游的情形。他们告诉弟弟他们所经历,所看到的,让弟弟羡慕不已。虽然老大已经10岁老二也已经7岁,可是在他们身上我可以感受到他们对Tadika Xaris的美好回忆还是满满的,那是多么的温馨。

    Tadika Xaris给了我孩子一个安全快乐,充满宽容的学习成长环境。有些时候孩子在肢体语言方面会比较冲动,要是家恒与同学产生矛盾,老师就会提醒家恒找一找自己的不对,这样间接中提升了家恒的自我反省,还因此平息纷争。喜欢这样充满宽容的成长环境,我觉得家恒在品德上的改变,老师有很大的帮助。

    我觉得我的孩子在学校所学习到的,不单只是课业上的知识,还有在生活中的重要信息,在他们要迈向人生另一个台阶时稳稳的打了基础。通过孩子在Tadika Xaris的每一步成长,我也学习到很多的教育理念和观念。感谢Tadika Xaris让我的孩子来到了一个快乐温暖的社会大家庭。感谢老师们无私的爱让孩子更健康的成长。


    - Child’s name: 陈家恒
    Xaris 3, Seri Alam

  • When my mother first told me to write a testimonial for how my brother, Jabez has benefitted from Tadika Xaris, I was wondering if it was possible for a sister to write such a story. Coming from a sister’s point of view, I could only think about the bad character and habits he has. That’s when I realized I had been ignoring all his good points and sides. In fact, he has learnt a lot from Xaris and I remember asking my parents, why I wasn’t sent there.

    Firstly, and honestly Jabez is more independent than me. Although we are 8 years apart, he knows how to do things on his own such as putting his shoes back on the rack, tucking in chairs and more. Even though these are all basic daily life “must-do’s” , I am impressed that he learnt these things earlier than me. To me, being independent is a skill that grows with us throughout our life and teaches us how to depend on ourselves. I am very happy, Xaris teaches this skill to the children as it will benefit them in ways they don’t see.

    One thing I learnt from Jabez, was his famous line that he claimed to have learnt from Tadika Xaris . ”Never try, never know” . Whenever I was hesistant to try something new, Jabez always says this and it keeps me motivated. At home or anywhere outside, Jabez loves trying something new. Although sometimes he can’t do it,he never gives up. He doesn’t get discouraged easily and keeps trying. As his sister, I always admire him although he’s younger. Xaris not only develops skills but also the building of character which is equally important.

    The most important point about Xaris is its teachers. The teachers are all so supportive and encouraging to the students. Sometimes when I think about it, the teachers are so patient handling many students at once. One incident that my brother faced was racism, being the only Indian in the class, he always said that he had a different colour from the rest of his classmates and felt insecure. Racism happens but I am truly amazed as to how a teacher of his, handled the situation. Without hurting anyone’s feelings, the teacher supported him and told him it was okay. Jabez is learning how to handle racism, but I am thankful he has the support of his teachers which keeps him moving forward.

    Lastly, as Jabez’s sister, I want to thank Tadika Xaris for everything my brother has learnt today. I am beyond proud to see him apply what he has learnt and put it into good use. As this is Jabez’s last year, I hope Tadika Xaris continues to inspire more students and stays strong in the years to come.

    David & Maria

    - Child’s name: Jabez Abraham David
    - Written by : Euodia Elvina David (Sister)
    Xaris 5, Taman Perling
    8th September 2016